EN EL Nombre Del Padre……In The Name Of The Father

What if its true, what if this moment i have been dreading and trying to avoid could actually be true. all my fears everything that has held me back from my true greatness all now a mirror for me to look into, why have i been so scared, so calculated for so long. yes i view this life differently, my eyes beyond the norm of society, i have been blessed with vision beyond merely just seeing. But why the hesitation to fully commit to this experience called life, why the constant questioning and doubts and observations.


I have wanted this so much for so long yet every time it was meant to happen i always pulled back, always covered the blessing with so many questions and doubts and fears. But now what if after all this time you are actually here, what if i cant run anymore and i have to face this head on, what will i do, what will i say, how will i face this and not only overcome all my fears but be the best with the blessing before me. The storms of this life have bruised me made me shy away from this experience called life, i have transcended living and have made myself an observer, but if its true that you are here then i will have to reach deep down within heal my own wounds so that you may have the absolute best of me.


Your mom this soldier this Queen who has painstakingly forged a dent in my wall and made herself home prayed for this, she spoke about the possibility of a you every single day, without question detailing just how special it would be to have a piece of each other come together and create life, and the moment may actually finally be here, all her sweat all her unrelenting battles to show her love and affection finally paying off, my walls crumbling and finally i see that the storms that came before where Armour to prepare me for the rays of light in front of me.


My mother and father where never present in my life a pain i still carry with me today, i was blessed with a second family yet i still carried those scars with me wherever life took me, i vowed i would take those lessons and those pains and i would use them for good, i would one day be an extraordinary parent, having experienced the scars of life and been touched by the warm embrace of caring hearts i could use those lessons to pass on knowledge that would give you my greatest blessing  a better view of life. All my fears slowly dissipating and slowly a hope rises from within, i am far from prepared yet i am ready for the challenge and this gift of been your Dad.


I waited, i refused to rush this moment, i knew one day it would arise but i always had in the back of my mind that it would be with someone of a pure heart. Countless opportunities yet i always followed my heart and waited. This moment for me had to be forged under the blankets of true love, so whether your mom and i where together or not i would always know we made you from undeniable love, this my gift to you so that wherever life takes you, wherever you may forge your own greatness you would know wholeheartedly that your Mom and Dad loved you with every ounce of their being. I am a complexity not even i understand but looking into your mothers eyes i knew her intentions where true, all my heartache, all my pain, everything i have ever faced exposed to her and in those moments she had a decision to make, either run away and be free or stay and together break down my walls and reveal the possibilities of all we could be.


Our time together truly short yet filled with memories that will live on with me forever, moments that time cannot define. We face obstacles that are present now and in truth they are scary and daunting but somehow looking into your mothers eyes i can see that her will is far greater than our doubts and fears. Know this, you are nothing short of a blessing, know that you where created out of the purest love possible, whatever storms you may face when you arrive know we are behind you every step of the way whether in life or death. Your mother and i will carry you through everything and although we may not have all the answers to how to raise you or guide you properly know we do everything with only love and the hope this life will teach you all you need to learn and give you a view of God that books and monuments may not.


This infinite cosmos of possibilities is all yours now and we will do whatever it takes to guide you to where you need to be. My hope is that you grow up brave and strong, that you face whatever this life throws at you with resilience. Do not fear falling or even failing but promise me you will never stop getting up and moving forward. I may not be with you forever i dont know what tomorrow holds but know i will be looking down at you and protecting you with everything i have in me. The wait was worth it because you are perfect, never allow anyone or anything to diminish your light, let it not only shine bright for yourself but for others too. Walk gently and cherish others but let your steps speak of the strength within. Be brave this life is not easy but with self belief you can climb any mountain or obstacle.


Respect your mother shes the only one you will ever have, love her, protect her and be her shoulder when the world is tearing her down. She had the grace and strength to not only carry you but conceive you all with the deepest love you will ever experience, no man, woman or child will ever compare to the Queen that is your mother. This life is brief care for others, pick others up and protect the world we live in, you will not die with riches on a worldly basis, your riches will be your experiences, how you lived, how you treated others, how you fought not only for your own future but the future of all those around you. You may not be compared to the likes of Mandela, or Malcolm X or Mahatma Gandhi but the little you do on a daily basis will speak of your own personal greatness. You have nothing to prove to the world, know that everything you do, you do for yourself, as your parents we will love you regardless, whatever life choices you make know we will try guide you in the right direction but give you the freedom to be forge your own story, your own journey. This beautiful thing called life is brief take it in, do not put too much pressure on yourself. Live your today and be present in the notion that whatever you do today will play a role in your tomorrow.


Let these words be a reminder that from this very moment till the very end of time I Love You. Although i have struggled to open up emotionally i know that although the words are not escaping these lips that i have loved your mother since our very first kiss and will without a doubt love her till the very last.

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding

it is the bitter potion by which the physician heals its sick self

Therefore trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility”

Khalil Gibran


Renovating Your Thoughts

In all honesty not all people you come across will have your best interest at heart. We are all different and all have different desires and hopes, sometimes our spirit unknowingly eats off the spirit of others, we are not fulfilled and lack depth and so our spirit sucks off others, whether those people are friends, lovers or merely people whose vibrations are higher than our own. Many people will say “it feels so good to be around you” not realizing that in truth their emptiness has found a home in all your wholeness.

two clear drinking glasses with water

Relationships and often friendships fail because during the duration of the bond shared someone was recharging themselves and filling in the voids they where facing at that moment in time. That is why you have spaces in between some friendships because they recharged themselves went out into the world only to rediscover just how empty they are and so they returned to you where their existence is meaningful. This is obviously not a generalization but when one pays attention to these traits one begins to see the pattern and by doing so you can surround yourself with people who have the capacity to not only fill your life with positive vibrations but also maintain their own.

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It is quiet evident that some people are not meant to be in our lives as much as we desire them to be, we have to reach a certain level of consciousness to realize that their departure in our lives is an opening for greater things. The universe is quiet deeply in tune with all of us, it speaks subliminally to many and rather quiet loudly to those who are in tune with it. when you are in tune with life and the universe, someone leaving is not such a hurtful event, even losing family members or friends in death, although you rightfully mourn you understand just how perfectly and beautiful designed life is and in that tragedy you understand that more is to come after this experience. When you lose a job you understand that life has been trying to push you to greater things and this was its final act to make you walk towards your blessings.

You live in constant hope when it comes to love, always hoping that the other individual will love and care for you as deeply as you do. Many people get bad mouthed for jumping into new relationships constantly not realizing the depth of strength and hope that lies within to continue to believe and be resilient in the face of heartbreak. others refuse to face the pain once again because loving is so deep. We are all complex creatures and all on a rather complex and complicated journey of rediscovery. 

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In the face of heartbreak and to varying degrees when we are truly broken and hopeless lies but our biggest lessons and opportunities to catapult ourselves to even greater heights. We grow with every experience, some becoming more cautious and others opening themselves up even more to soak this rather brief experience in, it all depends on who you are and ultimately how you view this life.

So what can i tell you, be careful but live wholeheartedly, love deeply but only share your heart with those who are true, believe yet be content in the disappointments of life. learn but dont let your lessons restrict you from further growth. when the doors of love open walk in and allow new experiences and memories mold a newer stronger more open minded you. when life takes your job away dont wonder why rather face the new day knowing and even better opportunity awaits. when friends leave make sure you define for yourself if that door should remain open or closed if they decide to return.

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Picture the day you will die one day, do you really want to die with the notion you did not live this life to its full capacity, those chocolates you love so much, that steak you cant get enough of, the numerous adventures you skipped out on because you wanted to save for an uncertain tomorrow. Live your best life unrestricted and under your terms its yours ultimately and only you have to answer for it at the end of the day.

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Speak Life

Travelling to uncover the mysteries of the Ego

Awakening becomes this breaking of the walls that have restricted your existence. Your view of the world expands and what once seemed impossible now is this step further into who you where truly meant to be. Fear dissipates and now you’re faced with this infinite world of possibilities, you can now slowly sculpt and paint the truth that is you.

Lake Matheson

I began my travelling journey 5 years ago, what was a struggle and truly an insurmountable mountain, is now a few clicks away. I remember having to fill out forms, do blood tests, physicals and have numerous interviews to see if I was worthy of this opportunity and now within a few steps I’m on a plane back overseas. We are stuck in our own cages and to a certain extent it’s our own failure to see how powerful and possible our own dreams and hopes are. From the beautiful glacier of Franz Josef to the roller coasters of Orlando Florida, slowly the world opened up to me and now as I head back home once again I’m left in a beautiful place the airport of Singapore where I get to reflect and not only see my blessings but my own will to chase this life.

Chase this life, that’s what this is all about, how far are we willing to chase and dream this existence, we wake up and with each action we further scream to the world we want to live, we want to experience this existence in its totality. There comes a point where our avatar this body of energy we possess speaks to us trying to break free of the falsehoods we’ve built around it hoping we will tire of not been our true selves. We build these comfort zones fearing to break free and live on the edge because in truth our comfort zones don’t require that much work to maintain and progress takes sacrifice and risk. When I finally broke through that comfort zone the world opened up to me and more so than merely on a travelling sense, I awakened to who I truly was and I was giving a glimpse of who I could ultimately be. When the world shows you the endless chasm of possibilities you could ultimately be mediocrity no longer serves you.

Blue pools West Coast

In truth travelling for me hasn’t being about seeing the world but rather awakening the world within about knowing that within lies so much more, the point was not to get to an Einstein level of understanding of life but rather a worldly understanding of the fact that I am more, that regardless of the direction life takes me I’d be enough and I wouldn’t have to prove that to anybody. Humanity has this egotistical ability to water down ones existence based on worldly assessment and that view closes one off to who they truly are. I am not a piece of paper, you cannot judge me based on my salary, my lifestyle and the lack of worldly possessions I own because in truth if you judge me on that criteria you lose out on the opportunity to see who I truly am.

Travelling has made me rediscover my humanity while still maintaining my spiritual journey. When you see the worlds pain, the beauty of creation and the flaws we possess as beings you dig deeper and realise life is the greatest classroom we will all attend yet unfortunately some people miss the test and some aren’t prepared for the lessons that come along with it. Have I seen every corner of this Earth, definitely not but the bit I’ve been blessed to see has taught me so much and made me grateful as an observer to see beyond the performance. The world is a stage and we its performers, some are blessed with main character positions, others starring roles and some are in the background yet still a pivotal part of the whole.

Lake Wanaka West Coast

The more I discover of life the more I awaken to just how brief this experience truly is, the door to experience this life in totality is fleeting, we can’t go back the journey only has one direction and that’s forward. To dwell on the ills of yesterday is a waste of the blessing that is today. We cannot go back and fix yesterday yet we hold the knowledge of our failures and can use them to catapult us to a better tomorrow . I know today what was hidden to me yesterday, I can now further push the boundaries of my existence and see further than I did previously. The man I see in the mirror today is not the same man I saw yesterday and the man I see tomorrow will be completely different, this life is a puzzle piece of who we are and ultimately we are building who we are meant to be.

Invest in yourself, invest time to tell yourself just how beautiful and worthy you are, take a vacation and spoil yourself no excuses no walls just make it happen and when You do you’ll realise just how easy it is to make yourself happy and a priority. Take time to meditate or rest, take this experience in, this is far beyond a 9-5 job, this is far beyond bills and responsibilities this is life and to awaken to that realisation at 50 or 60 would truly be sad. We make countless excuses everyday forgetting just how much control we have over our lives.

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

I have to take care of the kids, I’m married, I can’t afford it, I have so many bills to take care of. We all have excuses and the worst part is we always find ways to validate our excuses to make ourselves feel better but in all honesty what we are doing is blocking ourselves from our true selves and from truly experiencing this life in totality. We validate our excuses and cover up all the pain and disappointment with work or some kind of activity until the feeling subsided but what we don’t realise is deep within we are accumulating a database of our lack of self belief and this negative energy that says “I can’t” to a point where eventually we don’t even try anymore because we have given negativity and ego a voice.

To sit back and to blame the world for what we don’t have and what we lack and things we cannot do or haven’t done is the mark of a weak individual. Because in truth our lives are in our own hands, if we choose to live in an unhappy household is that not a choice we have made, if we stay in a job that’s unfulfilling and makes us miserable do we not make a decision to stay. A relationship that doesn’t make you happy or a lifestyle that doesn’t make you feel complete is it not your own decision to be stuck in those situations. Yet we still have the audacity to say “my life is miserable because of Steve ” or “This job doesn’t pay me enough I hate it so much” as if the job itself will come to you and give you a solution to your misery, as if Steve is miraculously going to come to take you to the relationship you desire and deserve. Free will means we not only have the ability but are responsible for the life we wish to live.

Town of Queenstown

I constantly beat myself up about not saving enough, never been any good with finances but spirituality comes in and asks me “Did you not spend the money doing things that made you happy and is self fulfilment not part of this experience called life” we criticise ourselves for over spending or not saving enough , we analyse all our actions and ask ourselves why we are so careless and sometimes forget to ask ourselves “Are you happy”, yes we all want the house and the family and to have the quote on quote normal life but sometimes we chase these dreams so heavily we forget to simply live in the moment and let life be, yes it’s important to save yet those shoes you’ve wanted for months are also important, yes we need to settle down and start families but solitude and alone time is also very important. We need to balance today with the mindset that we need to consider tomorrow in all we do. Live for today prepare for tomorrow. Some people take 10 steps others only manage 3 but ultimately we will all get to where we need to be and that’s unavoidable.

Lake Pukaki West Coast


Speak Life

Adventure is out there

Do not fear the direction that life takes you in, allow all of the wonders of life to surprise you and take you places you have never been. We have been programmed to focus so deeply on certain aspects of life that we miss the beautiful wonders that surprise us on a daily basis. Look around you, you are alive you are living, you are experiencing this cosmic chaotic smorgasbord of a thing called life. What is life?……let us move our thinking from asking what and why and rather falling into the beautiful void of simply existing, have faith in the process, trust that all that is and all that may be is exactly what is meant to be.

Allow this vessel called your body to relax in the notion that it is alive and it will guide you through all of the obstacles of life the challenges and wonders. The experience is far deeper than finding reason and meaning, but more about the meditation of life, meditating in the beauty of life, the intricacy of our design and the design of the world around us. Meditate in the spiritual realm that surrounds us and guides us through this experience.

Time is truly not necessary, each moment is a blessing, each awakening is a blessing and within each moment we open our eyes lies a panoramic view of life and the way we interact in it. Be present in the body of the observer and remember the layers of consciousness that lie within and learn and observe this realm of existence.

Break free from the molds of society, the molds that make is seem impossible to achieve your dreams, the molds that restrict the very genius and brilliance that lies within. Understand that you are more than the narrative that life has set before you, you are an infinite body of possibilities, put together by molecules and structures beyond our understanding. Travel, study, read, meditate, try new things and explore the limits of your capabilities. We are clueless to what comes next, we are clueless on what was and what may be, what we are certain of is only this very moment and even in this very moment lies a world of things we dont know, things we assume to know, things we hope we know and things we may actually possibly know unknowingly.

Don’t chase money, dont chase fame, dont chase things that are momentary, chase memories that you will carry far beyond this life. Chase happiness, chase knowledge, chase understanding but most importantly chase life in each moment.

Speak Life


calm body of water

“What If”………

My simple life has been bombarded by a string of horror movies, never in my life have i even indulged such movies…..the conjuring, the possession of this person and that person, a string of movies that have not only peaked my interest but made me ask myself several rather pivotal questions. Majority of horror movies out there are based around the christian faith, understandably there are many skeptics with horror movies and many people who shy away from any involvement in such ideologies and beliefs. This has raised a rather obvious question “What if” for a moment in our spiritual journey let us journey into the realm of distancing all forms of religion and rather basking in the human possibility that we may not be alone. Many will simplify this and say “Well religion is faith based so why not have faith in the idea that we may not be alone”. Others will justify their religious standing in saying if good exists so must evil and as such if life exists so must death “The Afterlife”.

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My simply curiosity stems from years of little encounters that have made me step back into the observer role and see beyond my worldly understanding. I find my human form a beautiful vessel to go beyond the scope of thinking we are programmed into. To limit our minds to the little that we observe on a daily basis seems oddly wasteful of the capacity we hold as human and spiritual entities. Why not explore thinking beyond the norm, is that not how we have evolved to the point we are currently at as people. Children and their creativity and their ability to see beyond the little we convey to them is the reason we continue to expand as human beings. People disappearing before my eyes, Levitation’s, stories from close friends of demonic possessions, furniture moving, sleep paralysis all kinds of weird and wonderful occurrences all scratch at that itch of “Are we truly alone”. In truth what i have come to realize is that through spiritual enlightenment nothing is impossible and that if we listen carefully to the soul that vibrates within, life itself is this planetary mix of infinite possibilities, our story changes and rearranges daily shaping and forming into a database of our existence.

sky space dark galaxy

Through my spiritual journey what i have come to find is that although my human belief system ie what religious family i fall under “Judaism,Islam,Christianity, Buddhism” is not 100% set in stone, what i do know is that i did not come from thin air someone had the vision and the patience to create me and all those around me, the birds, the trees and the wonders we see everyday and in that notion i have come to call him Father, the creator, God “The being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness the creator and ruler of the universe’. I need to clarify that i have absolute faith in the father, that although i do not read the bible and that although i do not go to church i have found myself in daily work to maintain his image and through my faults i believe he still wholeheartedly loves me. I believe that God will never abandon us as long as we do not abandon ourselves, We are a piece of him and through our actions we can show the world who he truly is.


An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

 He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

I have used this quote previously, but the reason i use it today is because this quote can be broken far more deeply. The wolves can be seen as good or evil and daily we are given the opportunity to decide which wolf we choose to feed, on a more spiritual level the good wolf can be seen as God and the bad wolf as Satan or the devil all depending on the religion you follow. each day we can decide to live in the light of goodness, choosing to love others and treat them right and to love ourselves and to do right by ourselves. We can live in complete and unbreakable faith that whatever evil or bad karma or ills set towards us will not prosper, we can have complete trust that whoever created us will love and protect us through all. The evils we face are far beyond the demonic, or on a spiritual level, sometimes the evils we face are other human beings incapable of containing themselves in the light of the life given to them, we face negative energy of the people we surround ourselves with and those who wish ill upon us.

purple and brown colored planet

One day my life will come to an end an unknown aspect of my existence, all i do know is i will forge my way into the light with all that i am. I will scratch, i will claw but ultimately i will always find my way to the light and as long as the creator has faith in me i too will have faith in him. I have no clue if all these horror movies are true but the biggest question they have posed to me is “How strong is your faith” and through the fear and the gnawing itch of the possibility of all things in this life i have come to understand that you can die a thousand deaths under the hands of evil but unbreakable faith will last lifetimes. I pray for all those who are stuck in this plain, those who are trying to find their way towards the light but are being hindered, i pray for those who in their anguish refuse to go home towards the light, i pray that the creator covers not only all of us but all those stranded in this life. i pray he carries all the souls home and protects all the souls under attack. whatever i do and whatever i dont understand of this life i pray for guidance and for a solid army of angels”Spiritual guides” willing to stand with us through all our trials and tribulations.

Speak Life


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The Man who couldn’t get enough

We sometimes find ourselves crippled, in a dark scary place, we believe that our world is crumbling around us. Our thoughts create doubt, our day brings about countless challenges to further weigh us down. but in truth what is happening is the universe strengthening you and preparing you for something truly beautiful. Everyday we speak our dreams and hopes into existence, yet sometimes just before they happen we have to overcome certain challenges, they may not be big and they not  be evident at first but in time you will see they where necessary in building your capacity to hold your dreams

As spiritual entities we face countless obstacles on a daily basis and sometimes those obstacles are ourselves, we are in a constant duel with our Egos, fighting to maintain what is true against the doubt that ego brings forth, our faith is strong and our self belief is strong, yet ego silently casts doubt trying to obscure our truth. Awareness speaks kindness into our existence reassuring us that we are enough, that through the chaos we shall triumph, that our faith is unbreakable, a light will pave the path to our miracle the life we where destined to live. What we and many deem as a mediocre life may be far greater than we imagined, mediocrity does not mean we are not present in our lives, mediocrity does not mean we are not constantly trying to forge a better tomorrow. where one believes themselves to be stuck could ultimately pave the way to greater things if one is present in their lives.

A wise man once said to me, two people can be working the same job for 20 years yet only one retires comfortably, it is the man that is dedicated, present and has self belief that prospers, one man works to enjoy today, while another prepares for tomorrow however between the two one is believed to be living a mediocre life while the other is seen as a king. The lesson lies in how you decide to live, we can all show off to friends, we can all buy the latest and best fashion but wisdom tells us that just because you wear the basic stuff and live a basic lifestyle does not mean you are not preparing for the best tomorrow.

Be aware of your emotions within lies a lesson, be aware of the triggers sent to create chaos in your day, watch as the world dances around you trying to leave you emotionally drained. Everything around you can and usually is a subliminal lesson but it takes awareness to realize this and in that awareness we need to ask “Why”, sometimes we miss our blessings because we are too deeply rooted in ego, we may even block out all our hopes and dreams because we are too lost in the internal chaos of doubt and worry.

Maintaining faith is a daily battle, every moment the world wishes to test our resolve, the world wishes to test if we are truly worthy, and if you live what many consider to be a mediocre life find spiritual growth and one day a miracle may occur and the world will wonder why, when we say be present in your life, take small steps towards the life you desire, whether those steps are spiritual steps, whether you’re making small financial changes and saving, whether you decide to wake up earlier and focus on nutritional health, whatever steps you take, however small take them and eventually they will lead to big things.

I am because we are

“depression is your avatars telling you its tired of being the character you’re trying to play”

Speak Life


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Silent Screams of Bipolar

Today i was faced with a breakdown beyond my own capacity, what do i mean by capacity, when the world turns to us with its pain and its brokenness we are a flask in a sense, a volume of space in which only a certain amount of anything can be held. This flask not only holds our own positive and negative daily struggles but comes with it volume to assist others with their burdens and joys. When those in need come to us unfortunately we are not always prepared for the bombardment of emotions and feelings they are about to drop upon us. That is where capacity comes into the equation, through our daily experiences our flask creates its own capacity, many can hold insurmountable amounts of volume and many are just incapable of holding anything besides the load they possess as “Self”.

That is why it is of vital importance that before offloading on others you prepare them for the load you are about to unload on them. This particular load was beyond my capacity, in a sense that i had to dig deep within and heal my own personal wounds surrounding the issue before tackling the pain presented before me. A colleague who had seemingly being struggling to control their emotions or could not face the storms present in their lives was digging deeper into a hole even they could not come out of. Each day passed and we saw the wounds opening up before our very eyes and the layers of hidden pain where becoming exposed to those around them. To many it all presented itself as an outburst, immaturity, a spiritual being unable to contain this existences chaos. Slowly people began to shun and push this individual away as their pain presented itself as this self destructing uncontrollable presence.

Today in my eventual enoughness of this energy this individual brought i took them aside and told them how tiring and energy sapping their presence was, i processed to tell them that they where filling this space of positive energy with their negativity and that it was unfair on all those around them. I was at the end of my tethers and it was evident in my words. Although frustrated and clearly enough of this negativity i still held firm to my truth and told them that we care about them yet in them shutting us out on their emotional turmoil it became difficult for us to aid in their healing and slowly our patience would eventual turn to anger and that caring nature would dissipate and leave an indifference feeling.

What they in truth where facing was an emotional breakdown brought forward due to severe bipolar, for many months possibly years the disorder was managed and contained but due to the new environment and new people slowly the disorder took its hold once again and the common traits where becoming quite evident. To those around the individual , manic episodes and tantrums all an out cry for attention and lack of discipline yet deep inside a fight for control over this realm was been fought and slowly lost. My entire universe in unraveling in a storm of emotions, i see the depths of how broken we are as human beings and its heartbreaking to see, we have become so desensitized to each others pains and burdens that we react in doubt before finding the common sense that exists in all of us that requires us to help. Who are we if we cannot see the pain in our fellow man and help, who are we if our first reaction is to doubt others when the world is collapsing around them. Although my capacity was low it still held firm in the pursuit of attempting to show this human being that everything will be okay if they only follow their heart and find help. That although broken they where far from defeated, we are building blocks held together by our experiences, good or bad and ultimately there can only be positivity when we look at our experiences as road maps to our growth as spiritual beings.

We need to build a foundation for those around us to feel safe enough to speak about their ills and issues, to know that whatever they share with us will be safe and that we will not only help them as best as possible but guide them in the right direction. We cannot speak of a future filled with peace if we do not bring peace to the people around us.


Speak Life

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