The System

Here I am surrounded by waterfalls in this beautiful country called New Zealand, what has this journey taught me, I was surrounded by people fighting over race issues, land expropriation and a dying legends legacy, Nelson Mandela stood for unity and a common respect amongst man, the new generation now blames each other and finds reasons to hate due to the struggles we face on a daily basis. Life ladies and gentlemen is not easy, for centuries we have watched as white dominance has ruled over existence itself, we have faced slavery and segregation, we have watched as our mothers and grandmothers got onto their hands and knees and scrubbed the floors of white people and slowly in our minds that was how things where. Today in this democracy and lack of leadership we have dug deep within and used our pain to further punish the white man for his wrong doings. The question arises though are all white people racist, after 22 years of being adopted by white parents the answer is yes, only in this democracy we now face there is more tolerance, we find that the system is what’s tearing us apart, we find that social media and technology in general is being used to maintain the separation, we see it everyday in the news about police brutality, white people calling the police to accuse black people of any and everything, land expropriation In South Africa, ZImbabwe kicking white people out the country, French kicking black people out the country, the fight against racism is not merely about black and white but brown people and Mexicans and any race that just doesn’t fit the “image”. In an awakened state the reality becomes clear, the minute you distract society you can push forward your own agenda, policies are being passed while we fight the black and white war, people are being killed and imprisoned while we blame Tom for our poverty, people are making billions behind our backs while Sarah is calling the police on Lequisha for playing her music too loud.

My parents lost friends because they made a spiritual decision to adopt me, people called me Kaffir which is the equivalent to being called “Nigger”, I was kicked out of schools because I was adopted, we faced hate on the black side of the equation and the white yet my parents stuck true to their decision and 22 years later here I am trying to further prove to the world that their decision was right. My parents woke up to the hate and injustice of the country at the time and together we shaped the world in our own little way, we showed that unity was possible, that the system was failing. You need to understand that racism is engrained just as deeply in white peoples mind as slavery is in ours, change doesn’t happen over night, yet as a collective we can make a huge difference

I received a lot of hate because my brothers and sisters believed my view points where tainted simply because I had white influence in my life, yet my parents where teaching me to think freely, my dad being a spiritualist believed that education can only teach you so much, that life was the true master and so every chance he got he would awaken me to all that was wrong in this life, how people treated each other badly, how even just our thoughts influenced who we are. America believes that Mexicans are stealing their jobs yet when I was in America every store had a job vacancy sign outside, the problem is not that their are lack of jobs there is simply a lack of people who want to work. We sometimes get so tied up in feeling sorry for ourselves that we overlook solutions right in front of us.

My government is try to push the land expropriation without compensation agenda ahead which people who are unemployed and living off the government are all for. We haven’t taken into consideration that you don’t heal a nation by taking from the oppressor, we speak words of forgiveness yet turn around and want to do the exact same thing the oppressor did to us, You do not defeat the bully by becoming the bully. The government is in a beautiful position to bring about change for our people yet in their failures they too turn to the past and blame the white man, our people are being blind sided by emotion by hunger by a lack of dignity by a lack of opportunity that only our government can resolve.

Racism is evident in fact to a point it is blatant wherever you turn you are faced with it, if we retaliate in hate do we truly fix the problem, hate against more hate only creates more hate, in my awakened state the only true solution is love and peace yet that also makes you ask if I respond with love will that love be reciprocated. Here I am surrounded by waterfalls in the most peaceful place I’ve ever personally being, away from the chaos of life and for the first time ever life makes sense to me, this existence makes sense to me, once I shut the noise off and danced in the silence I did something beautiful I began to breath, I began to live.

The world is forever evolving maybe not in the most positive light at present but it still is, we too need to evolve and I pray that it’s on a positive level, one that will bring about peace and stability for our future generations. Do not be afraid of the unknown be afraid of your inability to change to the unknown. When the world is faced with evils don’t concentrate to much on it, take time to see the people doing good during the storm. It may rain today or tomorrow yet the sun will always ultimate rise again.

This is a message brought to you by the winds of change, I know I’m not alone and neither are you, together we will make a change, together we will paved the road to true peace and stability.


Speak life


Forced Monogamy

Why her, after all these years of chasing women and losing myself in making people smile, why now is my heart ready to let her be the only one. Growing up the mindset and the mentality was completely different, here i was young and naive thinking having several girlfriends and all the attention made me matter, that i was doing something with my life, even in beautiful relationships with some of the most amazing souls you can imagine i was uneasy and unable to stay rooted where i was. I was always fearful to truly let my guard down and just be comfortable with the blessing in front of me. i juggled women purely because if any of them ever let me down in a sense i always had a back up and didn’t really allow the pain and emotion from that break up settle. Beyond just wanting to be their superhero and truly revolutionize what love was for these individuals looking back i wasn’t dealing with my own personal issues, this is where ego comes into the equation because everything i did and everything i was trying to do was in an attempt to get validation from the world, to hold true to the status that was given to me.

This big beautiful boisterous personality that the world had come to love was in turmoil unable to root itself in the now, always taking all the adulation and praise and pushing for more, when better relationship opportunities arose it was a gradual breaking of the resistance id built until eventually i was making moves into my new home. Slowly packing my things out the old home as gently and as humanly as possible but regardless of how gentle and respect i was while moving to new pastures, there was always undoubtedly the pain. I had lost myself in this cycle of moving from one relationship to the next always analyzing every thing to the point that if one thing was off i would already mentally be preparing myself to pack my bags and move on to better. I was looking for a complete image when i myself was incomplete.

Growing up i was faced with two aspects of life, my adopted father refused to settle down and get married, so frequently he would have absolutely gorgeous women coming over for the beloved one night stand, always jokingly proclaiming “Aint nothing better than a quick shag and she lets herself out in the morning” and on the other side of the coin my adopted mom or more my adopted dads mom was this Queen a woman of strength who had overcome every form of cancer imaginable who held herself strong and was a woman to be respected, always speaking about how strong women are and how as a man i have a role to play to be better and protect and love and treat a woman right. Sad reality is that i took both lessons on, i was this romantic sweet gentleman yet ultimately looking back in my own confusion on life none of those beautiful woman truly had a chance to build a future with me because i wasn’t spiritually connected to life. My strength had become my weakness, just like a gambler who thinks they have things under control i was locked in this cycle of recycling relationships and truly ruining the truth to what real love is.

Was i a bad person no, the truth is my interpretation of love was fake, i was young and naive and in the end wasted a lot of peoples precious time, beautiful memories but ultimately they had no wings to blossom into a 50 year marriage or a fairy-tale happy ending, besides getting the attention and feeling a false self of completion i wasn’t dealing with the underlying issues and to be honest everything in this life scared me, i was scared to not be financially capable, i was fearful that i wasn’t enough and that my partner or person would get bored of me and leave, all these emotions that a lot of youth are scared to talk about where crippling me and instead of facing them head first i always resorted to running. These beautiful souls wanted to love me yet i didn’t love myself  and so the position never became available. We as men are taught to be strong, that we dont cry or show deep emotions, we are caged up internally and nobody can see it and i think that is one of the biggest issues we face today because we dont know how to talk, how to merely say “I am not okay”, we are not given that platform and unfortunately woman are taught to focus on their own emotional needs so even they dont see it.

So what where the issues i wasn’t facing, why had i created so much chaos filled with beauty, in my awakened state the answers are simple, the rejection that occurred from females and friends growing up created a desire to prove to them all that i was worthy and so i was at gym all day everyday and i hustled to get jobs to have spare money and slowly the attention arose and that is where i lost myself. Truth is when you are awake you realize that the universe provides you with everything you desire sometimes though the things we desire are the very things that can destroy us, “if a man does not have sauce then he is lost, but the same man can be lost in the sauce”, These profound words broken down merely state that if you have a that talent it can elevate you to great things but that exact same talent or ability can be your downfall. Everything we face in this life is a recurring cycle of lessons that we haven’t truly dealt with,

if we observe life in a subtle yet subliminal way life is speaking to us, failed relationships is an opportunity for us to step back and truly analyse whether the dysfunction lies within us or whether we are conveying the wrong desires to the universe. We may have family issues and blame the family for decades only to find out its our own vanity and inability to merely apologies, little things pop up in life that we need to look an observe and before we project our questions to the universe we need to speak to ourselves first, because sometimes by dealing with the issues internally all external issues may just disappear. Recently a friend got fired again from a job, constantly on the phone, always taking breaks and never truly committed to the job yet they where the first one to cry that they are being hard done by and under appreciated.

So here i am in my awakened state why her, why have i closed all my chapters and decided to love her, the answer is relatively simple, as much as i want to love every women in the world i need to project that love and desire into her, i need to stop running away from love and give it all to her, i need to give her the opportunity to prove me wrong even if it means she may let me down but i need to be content with whatever happens next. This journey of life is a beautiful experience but one that is truly phenomenal when shared with someone else, i have felt love i have danced in the rain smiling,crying, screaming in pure bliss because of love and it is a privilege for both parties to share this experience of enlightenment and reawakening together.

here before me is a woman whose dreams link up with mine, whose ambition is as deep as mine, whose love and passion matches mine, so i can no longer run, i can no longer make excuses and hold myself back from this. Every aspect of life is a beautiful opportunity to further awaken and to further reconnect with the spiritual self, and so i have made the decision to share my steps with her and to see how far into this beautiful journey she will walk with me. On a human level she has my back, she matches whatever i do so i am not alone in this pursuit, i have a woman who is beautiful and although i still stare in awe at the beautiful women God created i know shes the one i  want to share my journey with.

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Positive Energy

We are all energy, a beautiful mix of a variety of energies, each day we come face to face with different aspects of positive energy and at the same time negative energy, how we react to situations speaks to how much control we have over our lives. Philosophers and great thinkers have all broken it down and simplified it as best as possible but for me personally the quote that has stuck with me up until this point is this……

A tale of two wolves- An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:

“A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy

“it is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves, one is evil- he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego”

he continued, ” The other is good- he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness,benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you- and inside every other person too.”

the grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “which will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied,” The one you feed”

W as human beings need to realize something, everything that we do….is by choice. That is what free will entails, the freedom to decide and in those decisions lies truth in who we are, Am i going to wake up and decide to be happy or allow the storms and chaos of this life to steal away my happiness. Am i going to wake up and pursue the day all its negative and positive energy and use it to grow, to flourish to awaken and find inner peace. We have so much individual power its incredible yet united in positive beautiful energy that is love and a vibration higher than anything negative can ever touch we can change the world but we need to decide and choose to do so.

I can delve deeper into the elements of positive and negative energy but the key for me has always been understanding the human emotions linked to those energies. I

ask myself questions whenever im faced with those emotions, why am i angry, am i simply projecting my inability to control my emotion onto someone else, am i blind to that persons self inability to control their emotions. The deeper i connect with my true self the more i disconnect from negative energy, Eckhart Tolle spoke on the Ego and how the ego is part based negative energy and once you are aware of the Ego you realize you are a separate entity that is the Awareness which is the true self. So when Ego says i am upset…….Awareness questions if you are truly upset or merely feeding into the negative energy. I have avoided so many arguments and bad situations merely because i took a moment to ask myself is this the true “Me” truly speaking or is it a fragment of self that is pushing for attention and to be noticed.

We have a duty to “Self” to awaken our true potential, to free ourselves and truly vanquish Ego into the darkness. Our positive energy has the potential to impact this world and in doing so lead us slowly towards peace. Positive energy not only effects us on a human to human level but we will be more aware of nature around us and how our impact can bring about noticeable change for the future. We are players in a game that ultimately speaks on the existence of the human race….. We have the opportunity to be a positive voice that speaks on this experiment we are on. Nature is pure life is pure…..when we all fully awaken we too can fall into that purity.

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Frustrations or Lessons

I started writing as an escape from society, i wanted to break away from the chaos and remind myself that this is a journey and that im not locked into the system. I woke up today and my body was exhausted unfortunately we are stuck in a Civilization that requires one to work to survive, we have to make money to pay bills, to provide for our families, we have to get ahead and prepare for retirement, the responsibilities on our shoulders on an individual level are incredible. As a traveler i saw this weight that we carry from a young age, the stress we pile on ourselves on a subliminal level is heartbreaking, stories of “if you dont study you’ll never make it in life you’ll be a failure” parents constantly telling you “if you dont study and choose the right career you’ll never own a house and you’ll die miserable”, we see people with fancy cars and big houses and celebrities and we are surrounded by people whose lives seem so much easier and put together and it slowly creates this pressure this need for us to succeed.

I chose to cook because it was this escape from society, from a young age i knew i didn’t want to be stuck in a society that didn’t have its priorities in order……but even in this shell of mine i am crippled by societies expectations and my own fears and concerns. how will i buy a house, i need to save for when im old, i need to have a plan in place because i wont be working for the rest of my life. Even in this beautiful space this job there are people who try to steal my peace who test my love  for what i do, on a subliminal level i believe the universe is constantly testing us never truly allowing us to be at peace because in that peace we lose that spark that challenges us to dig deeper. I’ve come across monsters people who are facing demons even i couldn’t comprehend, their pain being projected onto others. We’ve become so numb that we dont even notice when we cut into other peoples souls instead of dealing with our pain and issues and trying to understand them we project onto others and in doing so increase the pain in the world.

Look around you, nature is in complete symmetry everything in nature works harmoniously a complete system whereby everything evolves when it needs to, trees know when to bloom, animals know when and where to hibernate, the ecosystem flows like a beautiful ballad, Earth is self healing and the climate is ever changing with the rhythm of mother nature…….so then where does the problem come into this equation “man kind” and only man kind……everything we do is based on Ego, we try to build structures that will last eternally and that are stronger than what nature can throw at it. We turn a blind eye on pollution, even in the most remote areas of the world our footprint exists, footprints of waste, plastics, materials that have being manipulated to fit our needs that take centuries for Mother Earth to recycle. we pollute our waters and kill wildlife, we have special individuals who hunt for fun, we have individuals who own corporations enslaving humans to make money and obtain their own “Individual” freedom only further painting the picture to the fact that our society is more focused on the “Self”

I can write about how our Wildlife is going extinct, i can speak about the effects of global warming, i can tell you about how we as a species are on a road to our own re-destruction because looking back in time weve made similar mistakes repeatedly but in this awakening a question arises…..could this be it. In our desperate pursuit for answers to “why” our Ego hasn’t stepped back and looked at the damage we are causing. now we journey on to Artificial Intelligence and although all the signs are in place to show how dangerous this all could be onward we march. everything from fake mass produced food with all kinds of chemicals “Monsanto”, to our devices tracking everything we do…..slowly with each step giving more and more of our freedom away. we are mass producing slaves who dont question anything, slowly poisoning the minds of people making them doubt their existence, we alter our bodies to find acceptance, we consume all this fast food because the media and the world has made doing so validate our existence. we consume all these fake vitamins and things said to nourish and keep us alive when all they are is tests to how chemicals alter the human consciousness and how the body reacts. Governments control what we can and cant do, Marijuana is now legal after decades of corporations trying to find a way to capitalize on it, by making something illegal you create  a demand, eventually legalizing it once you have control over its monopoly.

The answers are right in front of us, the truth is before our very own eyes but weve been restricted and mentally bonded for so long that many just conform because we just want to be left alone we want to go to work, enjoy our time with family and have the little bit of peace and freedom we have left. i found myself emotionally drained and broken today i asked myself what is the purpose of everything, i woke up today as i do with every other day although drained and mentally exhausted i shoulder on because even in all this chaos in all this greed, in all this filth there is so much beauty and when you lock into it there is a refusal to quit, there is this silent energy that says i will shoulder on regardless. i stepped away from the chaos and i found myself which is a daily fight but one I’ve always and will always win. i want to see this life through i want to be on the side of good even if my voice isn’t as loud, even if my impact isn’t that big it is there and im throwing it into the goblet of everything else that is beautiful and good in this world and even if we are not destined to exist forever we will be that collective that will say “i was here”, i left my footprint of goodness and all i have are sweet memories of a life well lived.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves,”Who am i to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ actually who are you not to be? you are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. Its not just in some of us; its in everyone. And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”

-Marianne Williamson

Be the change you want to see in the world…….change yourself and let your light shine so that others may see, be the greatness that liberates others to change. Positive energy will only attract positive energy and together we will fall into the flow of this World and coexist in a beautiful symphony of the Art that we all are.

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Evolution of Consciousness

The world calls it an education, but looking back i see how limiting that education truly was, our minds where trained to prepare for society but we never learnt anything of substance that would help nourish the soul. I was surrounded by some of the most amazing teachers in the world many of whom where travelers whose paths happened to collide with mine, people of patience and love and care, they groomed me to open my eyes to life, each of them patiently working with me to build the man i am today. They saw a broken individual and together worked to paint an image of what the world truly is…….my eyes where opened because a few individuals went above the call of duty, they saw the potential for greatness beyond what the structures of education could teach. When the teachers asked me what i wanted to be i replied a chef……..they proceeded to ask me “what about happiness?”. We are so often taught to chase a career and money that we forget to chase happiness, to chase the things that feed the soul.

People look at their bank accounts and assume its a reflection of their greatness, they work their whole lives and stand tall with accomplishments speaking words of, i was one of the greatest to ever do that. I worked with a man who dedicated his life to cooking, he won numerous awards and received a great deal of recognition yet with his dedication to his craft he lost his family and his wife eventually left, he now looks back with all these great achievements yet deep inside he is hollow and lonely. We are so often taught to work and push for a better future yet that future isn’t defined we arent taught to follow our dreams and be happy, to meet new people and create unforgettable memories, to fall in love and maybe sometimes even fall out of love, to live this adventure with no strings attached, to rediscover ourselves and be content with the process of self development whether internally or externally in this world we live in. This world is a blank canvas for each of us and with it we can write the story to our lives, each letter, each kiss, each moment of growth, each adventure every little detail says one thing “I lived” , So in death we should shed no tears of sorrow but rather of joy, a beautiful testament to a life well lived.

my thoughts and thinking process are completely different from those i held true when i was younger, i thought i knew it all and even today with all my growth and my awakening im still pages away from any real understanding, when we speak of awakening we speak of awareness, i am aware of everything that is happening around me, every interaction, every emotion, everything that is happening in the world. I pay attention to how i react to things, when Syria is being bombed my heart hurts and in that emotion is a deep lesson. when a group of people are being oppressed i seek to find the underlying issue, the fear the dysfunction, i control my emotions and i look deeper. Sometimes we are so deeply rooted in this life we forget we are students of the universe, we forget we are spiritual travelers this is merely a temporary experience.

We cannot evolve spiritually if our thinking remains on a human level. Centuries ago the world believed the Earth was flat, today the world believes the Earth is round, that is evolution yesterdays thinking may not be the same as today’s ,what you learnt yesterday may not be valid today but its foundation may lead to a greater lesson. Constantly we must search for answers and understanding to life in the most gentle and respectful way possible. Those who are peaceful and calm to the tides of this life have the foundation, we may not reach complete awakening and spiritual evolution but with the knowledge we’ve obtained we can continue on our path and when our time is up we will transcend this life, stripped of fear, stripped of the narrative that darkness will lead to the end. We will meet Death with open arms and walk with him to our next journey.

Khalil Gibran- on pain

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding

it is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self

therefore trust the physician and drink the remedy in silence and tranquility

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Solitude…Self love

The deeper you delve into your awakening the more you enjoy your own company, not to say you want to be detached from society but rather a deeper connection with ones self. where once you rushed to others to fill the void within, now you dance in the void finally at peace with everything around you, even moments of disappointment dont impact you as deeply as they used to before. there is clarity in the process, a beautiful understanding that everything that comes into your life whether negative or positive is playing a role in your growth. The world and all the chaos no longer debilitates you, this is a true awakening, because in all honesty awakening is undoubtedly the finding of ones own freedom.

The cages that bind you to this life fall away and you’re left with this indescribable feeling “enlightenment”, i look at the word “Enlightenment” and i break it down for myself and what i get is “in the light of what is meant” which is exactly what it is, you are finally in the light of what is meant for you, all the distractions and things that have taken you away from your awakening are now brought to the light and the truth is exposed, but to achieve this you have to look beyond the picture in front of you, see the truth in the midst of the lies, Whether you’re reading a book, newspaper, watching the news or merely talking to someone look deeper.

We have unfortunately become sheep to the structures of society around us, we watch the news and our joy and happiness is sucked away because of the stories and fear within the stories, we speak to people and forget to look at their humanity and we personalize each interaction, we read newspapers and see the death and destruction and lose hope in society, we go onto social media and we lose ourselves in what we think our lives should look like. People are committing suicide because social media tells them that their lifestyle isn’t adequate, girls get plastic surgery because society says big boobs and big butt cheeks are necessary to feel complete, men work, steal do whatever to flash to the world that they’ve made it, we are caught in the dysfunction and only we can free ourselves. We need to go back to basics find ourselves and know that each inch of our existence is complete and we are worthy and regardless of our circumstances our lives have a purpose and we are greater than the narrative society has based on us.

once you see the truth you realize just how we are controlled subliminally, new iPhone, new car, new places to go on vacation, all these things been flashed on social media, TV, newspapers all day everyday slowly tearing at your consciousness making you ask questions of your own existence. Many people cant handle the pressure and commit suicide, others turn to drugs, many end up hospitalized, With this new found awakening you have to be alert on a daily basis, temptations lurking at every corner trying to make you reform to what is now the norm

The system will not teach you self love, will not take your hand and lead you to the answers, the system is here to break your will it is self benefiting. It is in our own hands to say…..this is not lifes purpose, pick up a book, research and free yourself, when we return to enjoying the sunset and enjoy our own company and find joy within the day in the simplest of things will we reverse the toxic effects of this system of life. We are free, we matter, we are important, we have a purpose, we are the creation of the Universe and in that lies the fact that we are not a mistake.

Inner Conversations with myself

i “woke” up and with my awakening came a deep sense of self, i disconnected from reality only to truly find myself, i was content, society still had moments where it held me with new shoes being advertised or the latest phone coming onto the market yet that hold was brief, once you awaken to “self” you awaken to everything around you. where once i searched for the perfect woman to fill my life and complete me i finally realized i was a complete product that was only allowing people to dance with me in this journey called life. where once i felt hollow without the best looking clothes and best brands i became content with where i was in life whether i was wearing a no name brand or wearing the best it didn’t define who i was.

so often we look for external elements to complete us when in actual fact we are already complete. our wars and struggles dont define us , our weaknesses dont mean we are broken only lost. awakening is a daily struggle because you are conscious of the “self” but the self is still dealing with daily challenges and daily struggles to maintain its awareness. my first true awakening happened when my Dad handed me “Eckhart Tolle, A new Earth”, i then went on to find Deepak Chopra life after death, then i decided to buy Echart Tolles books…..

  • The power of now
  • Stillness Speaks
  • practicing the power of now
  • oneness with life
  • finding your lifes purpose

when you read these books and many other Authors you disconnect from this reality not to say you’re not present but you lose unnecessary emotions like anger or disappointment and you begin to connect with life on a deeper level, where someone elses anger is seeing as an inability to control the present moment rather than an attack, where someone who hurts you becomes an understanding that they too are hurting, we so often take things personally that we are unable to see the truth right before us. awakening is a truly fundemental and necessary process to life. when the elderly are on their dying beds many shed tears because of a deep realization that all that happened in this life is temporary and that everything you thought was trying to destroy you was merely building blocks to your recreation.

an important lesson i learnt today was that i am part of the greater ‘whole” which means that regardless of how small my impact is on this Earth… is none the less an impact and one that i should aspire to make memorable, each moment is a moment i have to leave a piece of goodness, every interaction is an opportunity to speak on behalf of our spirits our souls. Every moment of weakness is an opportunity for me to showcase my own resilience, because sometimes our biggest battles are with ourselves and if i can defeat myself and all the negativity that lies within i am only strengthening myself even more. awakening means that i am content with the path my life has been set on, that i am aware that it is in my own hands to find enlightenment regardless of where i am or how bad the chapters to my life are. awakening means i have an obligation to free my fellow man from hate, from falling into the void where one loses control over understanding, compassion, where one cannot differentiate self from society.

inner conversations with myself…….once i opened the door to my own personal awakening i was filled with questions and curiosity and an indescribable amount of peace and happiness, talking to yourself was always deemed a crazy thing to do, but the more i spoke to myself the more i connected with the Earth, with the Universe. we are deeply connected with everything around us, every brick, stone, drop of water, every tree, every animal out there. Conversations with the world dont only need to be on a human to human level, i found myself talking to trees today and i was at peace, i looked at the green leaves and the stones around me and all i could feel was life. where i was stuck in a place worrying about buying a house and investing and saving for retirement, here i was calm and at peace talking to trees lost in the moment, a moment called life and all i could feel was a deep sense of contentment for the first time in my life i knew everything was going to be okay. all my fears , my worries , my deep concerns where gone, id learnt to shut all the negativity out and it was a beautiful feeling.

be still for stillness speaks……….

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